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Blake the Grandmaster!

juin 10, 2005

Our long-time guest and long-time friend Blake Strine came to Aikens this year with one goal... catch a trophy pike or a trophy perch! The reason for this goal was that he had already caught 9 trophies of different species, so he needed one more species to get the coveted designation of "Grandmaster" from the province of Manitoba. Boy, did he ever nail it! He had borrowed a great little spinner from our head guide Pat, and was using it this afternoon for trolling and casting. He was working the shoreline on the outside of the Bay of Snakes when his dream pike hammered it! Alone in the boat, he was finally able to net the fish by himself after a roller-coaster type fight that lasted over 5 minutes! Luckily for Blake, Dave was fishing nearby and so pictures and video were taken of this HUGE 46" pike! Congratulations Mr. Grandmaster!