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Big storm adds two inches to lake, causes blackout

mai 28, 2006

Last night we were hit with our first big thunderstorm of the season.  Just after suppertime, the winds picked up and it started to rain.  After a couple of minutes, the rain turned to hail!  The pieces of ice weren't that big and didn't cause any damage.  The rain lulled until sundown, which is when the big storm really hit!  The lightning and thunder were directly overhead and didn't move for a good three hours.  At one point, there was a bolt of lightning that was so close (don't worry, it didn't strike anything on the peninsula) that it caused our generator to shut down.  With it being the first night at Aikens for our staff, everyone was having a meet & greet in the clubroom at the time!  Armed with only one small flashlight, we set out in total darkness to the diesel shed.  Thankfully, it was only a protective measure built in to the generator that caused the shut down... no damage was done.  After a quick reset, we restored power and everyone was able to continue the festivities in Big Molly's Bar.  It sure made for an interesting first day at Aikens for many of our staff!