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Back in Winnipeg, office ready to go!

oct. 30, 2006

October 038s.jpgMusky Hunters 031s.jpg Well, it's been a pretty busy month for us even though we haven't been at the lodge. The move back to Winnipeg was a relatively smooth one (imagine moving twice a year... it's quite a job to haul everything back and forth... especially all of the computer equipment!). We have been at home organizing the office the way we want it for this winter. We've wrapped up the accounting for the 2006 season, and already getting geared up for 2007! Annika, the social butterfly, has had alot of fun reconnecting with some of her little cousins (you can see her with Julie's sister's two boys... Jude and Joel). She has found all kinds of toys that she had forgotten about and is enjoying her time back in Winnipeg! Julie and I were able to go to MN for a weekend and spend a relaxing weekend at the Shooting Star Casino. Julie hit it big on the slots! I was also able to sneak in a nice little weekend at Lake of the Woods for some unsuccessful muskie fishing (although Brownie picked up some nice bass on "Redemption Reef" in the last hour). If you like to chat with Julie or I (Pit), don't hesitate to give us a call! We'll be answering the phones all winter! Also, we will soon be starting our marketing initiatives so hopefully we'll be in touch! Take care and have a great winter!