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Baby News - Introducing Natasha Rachelle Turenne!

févr. 2, 2009

Mom and baby at the hospital We're sorry it took so long to update our newsletter with some baby news. I am sure a lot of you are wondering what has been going on; especially since the due date was back on Jan 21st.  Apparently our new daughter was much too warm and comfy that she had to be strong-armed into braving the Manitoba winter! On Saturday morning, Julie and I headed to the hospital in Ste-Anne so that Julie could be induced. We spent the day watching movies and playing on the laptop as the induced contractions were not of any real significance. At 8:30 p.m. we were in limbo.  Julie was already in mild labour, but was not progressing very quickly. However, the hospital was at a larger crossroad - they only had one nurse on staff because they could not replace those that called in sick! It was decided to shut everything down in obstetrics, and that Julie would be transferred to the St-B in an ambulance (not because of her health, only because they were short-staffed in Ste-Anne).  In fact, the doctor was in mid-sentence telling us about that when Julie had a major contraction!  They just kept coming quicker and more intense right in front of everyone's eyes!  I guess all it takes is a little threat to get things moving!  From that point, it took less than 90 minutes for Julie to quickly become the proud mother of little Natasha!  One of the EMT's from the ambulance was even in attendance in the birthing room to help out as well (she figured she might as well help out since they wouldn't bedriving Julie anywhere that night!) Annika and Marty meet their sister  Natasha  Small fingers Stats: Name = Natasha Rachelle Turenne Weight = 8 lbs, 15 oz Length = 20" (note: is this stat all that important?) DOB = Jan 31, 2009 # of extremely proud parents = 2 # of extermely proud grandparents = 4 # of super excited sisters about future "make-over parties" = 1 # of super excited brothers about beating up future brother-in-laws = 1 # of dogs that probably won't realize there's an extra person in the house = 1 There you have it!  Baby #3 is safe and sound at home.  Mom is a champ as always.  She's out and about already and looking to shake the "house arrest" of the past month.  If you are wondering about her middle name, she is named after Rachelle Soriano.  Rachelle (ex-employee of Aikens) and her husband Hayster are Natasha's godparents.  For those concerned men out there, don't worry... we did make it back to watch the last 3 quarters of the Super Bowl yesterday! Pit & Julie Annika (5), Martin (2), Natasha (1 day)