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Annual Mailout arrives just in time

déc. 24, 2009

December page of the calendar On Monday and Tuesday, we were busily getting our mailout organized for the 2010 season.  Just under 1,500 pieces were prepared and brought out to the post office on Tuesday afternoon.  Hopefully everyone will get their packages by today or early next week!  We are very excited about what we have produced for the new mailout. Calendar, Newsletter, and DVDs were shipped out this week  Pat gets a little help from Natasha with the mailout  Two elves wish you a Merry Christmas! Included in this year's mailout are three things.  Firstly, we have our very popular calendar.  Julie works hard to select the right pictures and compile the whole calendar, and Janelle was able to help her with some expert finishing work on the selected photos.   We also have our new printed newsletter with some juicy tidbits of info for the upcoming season written in tandem by Pit and Pat (thanks to Paul for his editing skills!)  We also list all our sportshows in the newsletter (we are doing 9 shows plus two local shorelunches in Manitoba this year). Lastly, a very exciting DVD will be part of the mailout.  This is a copy of the new Call of the Tundra show that was filmed in August 2009 and aired on Global TV in Western Canada in October this year.  The DVD also includes a copy of the 2008 edition of the show, as well as a very excellent 4-minute promotional video for the lodge.  In the promo video, the contestants of the past few years share their candid experiences with the viewer.  Very scenic shots are cut into the video and it is all very professional.  Thanks to Global TV and to Toyota for making this happen for us!  If you would like to see a copy of the promo video online, see our homepage at or our Youtube page @ Have a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year!