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A much needed update which includes a new baby!

sept. 10, 2008

 A new baby will be coming in January! Hi everyone... Sorry for the lack of posts recently.  While a lot has happened, both Pit and Pat have not found time to add a news item... this is very unlike us! Let us take you back to when the 2008 Toyota Call of the Tundra left town (Aug 25th).  We greeted three groups at that time.  Two of the groups were regulars that had been coming for years.  The third group was new, this one from Kansas City.  All three groups had great experiences here... especially the new group that loved it so much that they  may grow from 8 to 20 people next year! After this, we had a relatively calm September Long Weekend.  Pat became "mini-boss" again while Pit and Julie went to the city.  Pat did admirably in making sure that everyone here had the time of their lives!  Meanwhile in Winnipeg, Julie had an ultrasound that went very well.  For those that haven't heard, Pit and Julie are expecting their 3rd child in mid-January!  With such a short window of opportunity for a due date, it appears that the three kids will have birthdays within 3 weeks of each other.  That's the way it goes when you operate a fishing lodge! Since then, we've had a large (and rowdy... hello guys!) group stay at GGO followed by  another at the main lodge (a group of 22 to help us end off the season on a high note).  We have only 3 groups left this weekend then we close another chapter of Aikens lore and legend!  Most of the staff has already returned home to school now, and we want to thank them for their endless energy and charisma that makes the "Aikens Experience" so special!  Stay tuned for a few final postings as we close up camp for the winter.