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A "Molly Week" tradition renewed!

mai 26, 2007

Some of you may wonder where our bar got the name of "Big Molly's Bar". When Gerry and Lorraine bought the lodge with Phil and Jackie back in the late 80's, they started a tradition known as Molly Maid week. Some of their friends would fly in for a week to volunteer their time and help open up the camp. Because they were less than 10 people at that time, most of the work was focused on scrubbing tables and chairs, mopping and buffing floors, and putting together beds. They affectionatly called each other the Molly Maids (Big Molly, Tall Molly, Short Molly, etc). The women became known as the Dollies. Big Molly was Gerry's brother Bernie, and when Bernie passed away we honored him by naming our bar after him! This story is to give you a background on our annual tradition of Molly Week. This year, we had up over 30 volunteers helping to not only open up camp, but to also work on new projects and such. During Molly Week, you will find an assortment of very skilled individuals in all trades, as well as a dedicated work force ready to make the camp shine! It has been a busy week full of hard work and loud laughs (not to mention some very late nights... hence to lack of news updates last week!) Here's a little peak into what we were able to accomplish during another great Molly Week (in no particular order)! May at Aikens 353s.jpgMay at Aikens 267s.jpg -Bear, Monique, Lorraine, and Jackie absolutely attacked places like the dining room, the clubroom, the Bait and Tackle, the Laundry facility, and some of the guest cabins in tip top shape for our busy season. They also set up the new store and filled it with bunch of great souvenirs! -Grant and Rene worked on the new store and got all the shelving and table done! It's going to be a wonderful store that our guests will enjoy browsing in! -May at Aikens 343s.jpgMay at Aikens 218s.jpg BJ and Alf built a new shorelunch roof (tin) and cooking area over at GGO. This should really come in handy... especially when it's drizzling during lunch! -Phil, Mitch, and Pecker milled all of the wood that we could load up at the sawmill! -Gerry and Paul fixed a leaky floating dock at GGO and helped out with the construction there. -Tamara, Rachelle, Marty, Hayster, and Lise put a varnish on the many bedframes, vanities, and walls for Ursa Major. They also put the finishing touches on the shelving in the new laundry. Lastly, they prepped Master Angler's Row and Park Place. -Rob, Aaron, Paul, put more boats in the water, fixed up some motors, and did a major clean up in the River Otter (our boat house) -Curtis and Muscles finished up some electrical work for Ursa Major, the new Guide lockers, the lodge, and in Master Angler's Row. -Will and Dirk were "on call" with an assortment of plumbing problems, including hot water tanks, an ice machine, our beer kegs, and others. -Jimmy and his new assistant Elise absolutely WOWED the Mollies and Dollies with a sampling from the menu they have in store for our guests this summer. Let me tell you that you are in for a real treat!!!