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64th Opening of Aikens Lake!

mai 24, 2011

Justin and his 44″ Northern Pike trophy               

For the 64th consecutive year, guests are arriving at the  beautiful and pristine peninsula of Aikens Lake to enjoy their world-class fly-in fishing adventure. It is an exciting time for management and staff as the long winter’s hectic marketing campaign comes to an end and the focus turns to service and  making good on all the promises while delivering the “ Aikens Experience”  to each and every one of our valued guests. Although the “ Aikens  Experience ” has evolved in many wonderful ways over the years, it has always featured world class fishing in a remote Boreal paradise combined  with knowledgeable and friendly service.

                As long time guest Doug from Denver, making his 22nd visit, took to the water in search of the big walleyes, it was first timer Justin from IL who launched the 2011 Aikens Lake  Master Angler Honour Roll with a splendid 44 inch Northern Pike on Day 1. Fishing was great for all species, flirting with trophy lengths and producing a decent number of slot Walleyes.  Today, another trophy length Pike found its way into a boat when Gary from ON brought teased one up in Moosehead Bay.  

Gary’s trophy pike @ 41″      Cow moose feeding in the water   Loon nesting on the shoreline

     As great, if not phenomenal, as the fishing is at opening , the real big bonus to the “ Aikens  Experience ” is the spectacle of spring offering many unique opportunities to view and photograph nature in its period of regeneration. While millions of fish fry are recently hatched, newborn moose calf and their mother are close to shore and are often sighted and photographed, as are couples of Bald Eagles tending to their nests. There exists also the rare opportunity to spot the elusive Woodland Caribou swimming across  the Gammon River. The occasional Bruin is spotted while trying to satisfy his immense hunger pains as restoring the fat burned during hibernation becomes job 1. From the returning songbirds to the gulls, to the bats, from swimming beavers to muskrats, from emerging turtles and frogs, from howling wolves and hooting owls to the haunting call of the loon, and sadly the return of those pesky mosquitoes, it seems that all of God’s creatures are out to greet the visitors from out of their world. From spectacular sunsets to misty sunrises, from picture book vistas to unforgettable sightings, guests can relish in all of the great things not controlled by man while all at the lodge are busy looking after the not so subliminal aspects of everyone experience.