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40" laker!!!

mai 22, 2006

003 - hog in net.jpg004 - Darcy with 40 incher_s.jpg005 - measuring the fish_s.jpg As we continue our construction and get ready for our first guests of the season (May 27th), more and more specialists are arriving to help put the finishing touches on our projects.  Yesterday, 3 guys from Exclusive Carpets in Winnipeg arrived at Aikens in order to put the new flooring down in the bar and in the Canot.  One of the guys, Darcy, had been an employee here at Aikens in the days before we owned it.  After a solid day of work getting all the flooring in for the bar, the three guys headed out with Darcy as their guide. They did well, and Roger and Phil both caught a couple of fish in the first hour.  That's when they started ribbing Darcy about how he was the "guide", and about how he was still skunked!  Well, within a couple of minutes of this, Darcy hooked into a monster that would stun the other two guys!!!  They had been trolling the outskirts of Bear Island in about 20 feet of water.  The laker hit on a big Red Devil spoon.  It took over 20 minutes, but Darcy finally guided this behemoth into the net!  It measured 40" and had a huge girth.   Congrats Darcy... despite an absence of a couple of decades, it didn't take you long to reacquire your touch on Aikens Lake!