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2010 Aikens Lake Olympics Update

août 14, 2010

 The 2010 Aikens Lake Olympic Atheletes

An annual tradition here at Aikens was disputed this week. Our Aikens Olympics pit four teams against one another for the coveted first place finish. The costume coordinated teams compete in four events to determine the champions. Hand picked guests and various management staff serve as judges to oversee the games. The usual opening ceremonies ensued with teams arriving one after another to display and boast their group pageantry. This years teams were: The Dirty Ranchers. Please note the Southern Highway Face Furniture The Dirty Ranchers (Kik, Marcel, Eric TS and Eric T) Le Peuple du Village ready for action The Peuple du Village AKA. The Village People (Dave, Jesse, Elliot, Alex) Team E=MC all germ-free and ready to calculate their winning percentile E=MC Big Socks (Bruno, Griff, Mathieu, JB) The girls all Deckered out in their fine wares The Aikenshoen Family from the Decker Colony (Janelle, Elise, Aisha, Reanne, Josee)

 Pit gives the games a bit thumbs up!Julie points the way to success at the gamesPatrick and Natasha overlooking the actionLorraine spots the action from the Sky Box PatioMr. Ken Moody (right) with Mr. Tony Magistro (center) and Luke Pearson (left) take in Canada's National Anthem

Judges: Pit, Julie, Pat, Lorraine and Mr. Ken Moody

 Annika and Natasha anticipate the start of the gamesMartin gives the grounds the all clear

Mascots: Annika, Martin and Natasha

First off. Canada's National Anthem. Griff demonstrates fine Beer Relay formThe first event, the beer relay was disputed right after the Canadian National Anthem. This event had our competitors run to various caches of cans around the peninsula, return with said can and drink it down. Each teammate had to wait till the previous was done. A landslide victory by the Village people secured them four points for their tally. Second event. The Can Toss. Buckets were set at various distances (each worth from 5,10,or 20 points). Each squad was given twenty cans. Players had to throw the cans from the B&T porch into the buckets. The Village People  were again victorious with their slow and steady approach. Opting  to only target the closest bucket (5 points per can) they potted 55 points with 11 well place lobs. Janelle serves one up!Are Dave and his team finally showing signs of slowing down?The third event is an Olympics must. The Volleyball Tournament. All four teams played a single elimination game of ten points. The girls and the Nerd team were beaten in the first round, and faced each other in the third place match-up (E=MC secured third) . The first place match was tightly disputed between the steamrolling Village people and the confident Dirty Ranchers. Exceptional rallies and awesome spikes later, the Village People again emerged victorious. Would anyone slow them down? The final event was the Balloon Toss. Teammates paired off and were handed their water balloons. Throughout the evening our panel of unbiased judges attributed bonus points to teams that offered them subtle bribes. A expedited refill or a well-place lawn chair Garsh... By my calculations we should have 3.47 balloons left per 0.47 yards we separate. HaaZaa!I got it! I got it! Darn it the H20 has permeated my freshly starched slacks. Good thing I'm sporting my trusty safety glasses.afforded teams extra balloons, except for the Village People - who had not earned many (if any) brownie points with the judges.  They were heading into the final event short handed; would this be their demise? Surprisingly the game dragged on for a while. With every team lined up in a row, one partner would toss the bomb to the other over the volleyball net. With a successful catch both lines would take a step back and throw it over the net again. And again. And again. It was to the point were the squads were easily 25 feet apart. In the end, the Dirty Ranchers won the event with a clever use of their cowboy hats as landing baskets. The Village People hoist the plaque of victory!Our 2010 Champions: The Peuple du Village!Once the points were tallied it was evident who would be our Champions. The Victorious Peuple du Village hefted the Olympics Plaque and cheerfully celebrated the win. The Dirty Ranchers took Second, E=MC third and the ladies, well, better luck next year. These game are always a blast! The staff was very happy to have capped the night off in Big Molly's shaking hands and swapping highlights with all competitors and spectators. Now that's the Spirit of the Games!