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Main Lodge: Luxury Chalets

These luxury retreats were constructed to accommodate larger groups of 3 to 6 people. Enjoy pure serenity in these luxurious hand crafted cabins with the best view of Aikens Lake.

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Aikens Lake Accommodations : Luxury Chalet Walk-Through

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Sunset Chalets

Get ready for the latest in "remote relaxation"! 

The Sunset Chalets at Aikens are a masterpiece… plain and simple! These two large chalets incorporate a spacious design (nearly 1,000 sq. ft). They sleep two to four people each, so they are perfect for couples, for families, or for groups of 4 - 8 people! The Sunset Chalets are located between the Boardwalk Chalets and Park Place, overlooking the beach and the lake, giving you a front row seat for those legendary Aikens sunsets. 

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The Sunset Chalets

Here is a little taste of what you can expect as you enter these luxurious accommodations!

Former Vice President Dan Quayle helped us open the doors to the new Sunset Chalets. He cut the ribbon in a grand opening ceremony.

As you come up the ramp on the side of the building, you will first walk into the screened-in patio. This awesome room offers a gorgeous view of the beach and of the lake. It is easy to imagine yourself relaxing here on a calm warm summer evening, with the loons calling as the sun begins to set!

The Sunset Chalets feature modern design for maximum comfort and relaxation.

Amidst the bliss of nature you will also have a wireless Internet connection, superb climate control and other conveniences. Next, you enter into a large common room. What will strike you most is the high vaulted ceiling, with etched octagon windows on the lake side wall. This main room features a wood-burning fireplace, wet bar, card table, large picture windows overlooking the lake, and comfortable couch and rocker. The whole room, as well as the rest of the chalet, is finished in beautiful pine.

On the north side of the room, there are large French doors that open up to the back of the cabin. Here you will find two bedrooms; each has two single beds with option to convert to a king. There is also a large private bathroom, and a separate shower room. The shower is very large and the hot water is unending… a truly great place to let the world's worries wash off your shoulders! Sunset Chalet cabins are spacious and comfortable, while the large private bathrooms and shower rooms help you relax.

The Sunset Chalets are climate controlled with separate two-zone heat pump/air conditioning units. This means that each bedroom has its own thermostat and can be set to whatever temperature you desire… hot or cold! The Sunsets also have hard-wired and/or wireless internet access.

The two Sunset Chalets are a masterpiece of construction and the pinnacle of fishing cabins. Each tradesman was sure to leave a couple of their own personal "signatures" in the cabin, and the result is one of the most unique and first-class luxury cabins in our industry! Come experience it for yourself!

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Boardwalk Chalets

Ambitious Log Cabin Design

Taking a page from the majestic "Great Gray Owl" that we built on the opposite side of the lake, we started to rebuild the original "Wilderness Trail" cabins with the same innovative design and incredible log cabin craftsmanship that made GGO such a success. Cabin 1 was the first of the five original cabins to be rebuilt. Now we have two of the most amazing cabins that you will ever find at a fly-in lodge! The Boardwalk cabins are huge! They each have a living room, two bedrooms, a shower room, a washroom, and a screened-in porch!

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Boardwalk Chalets

Our amazing luxury cabins are appropriately called the "Boardwalk" cabins. They are a great complement for our already successful “Park Place” cabins! Our dynamic bedroom design allows for either a king size bed or singles.

Spacious Rooms

The first thing people notice about the Boardwalk Chalets is their sheer size. They are just shy of 1,000 square feet each! They sleep from 4 to 6 people very comfortably. Inside, they feature two bedrooms, a separate washroom and shower room, a spacious living room, and a screened-in porch with a beautiful view of the lake. The sleeping arrangement is very unique. Each bedroom has the option for sleeping arrangements - either three single beds, or a single bed and a king-size bed. Large bathrooms are actually two separate rooms. One is a washroom and the other is a shower room.

Air Conditioning

One of the best features that some of our guests will really appreciate is that this cabin has air conditioning. Easily control the temperature in the cabin so that you may relax comfortably, regardless of outside conditions!

Internet Access

The two Boardwalk Chalets are equipped with hook-ups for laptops that enable high-speed access to the internet. That means you can keep up to date with stock quotes, market news, e-mails for business, or best of all e-mailing a jealous friend a picture of yourself with a huge Master Angler fish! Aikens also has free wireless internet access throughout the peninsula.


All the finishing touches have been added to ensure your complete enjoyment and sense of luxury. We have even sculpted some beautiful eagles into some of the log ends that are inside the structures!

We are very proud of the Boardwalk Chalets! They have really impressed our guests who have been able to witness the transformation of raw materials into a virtual masterpiece! The fruits of labor are quite obvious now that this ambitious project is finished. We are sure that you will be very impressed by the new model for luxury fishing cabins. You will agree that these two new cabins are absolutely the most luxurious accommodations of any fly-in lodge!

A relaxing atmosphere and a beautiful view of the lake...
what more could you ask for?

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